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Hairy Jayne

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Fill your bathroom with amazing Hairy Jayne scents. Shower bombs are like bath bombs, but for your shower.

Place one in the shower tray and watch it fizz as it releases the fragrance into the shower steam. Naturally coloured with green clay, indigo, tapioca, beetroot and violet mineral pigment.

Use your aromatherapy shower bombs to make showers more fragrant and fun, but also to keep an eye on how long you're showering for! Each bomb lasts approximately 3-4 minutes. In order to save water, it is recommended that showers are kept to 4-5 minutes, as the average shower head uses a whopping 12 litres of water per minute. 

Place in the shower tray away from the drain and not directly under the shower stream to make it last longest. Best used with warm to hot water. Place in a small bowl of hot water in the bathroom when taking a cooler shower to get the maximum aromatherapy benefit.

Contains bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, clay/cornstarch and essential/fragrance oils. Do not use on your skin or hair. Keep away from children and seek medical assistance if ingested or in contact with eyes.

All paper and card packaging.
6 x shower bombs – 2 x floral, 2 x citrus, 2 x musk fragrance
130g net.