Menstrual cup starter kit


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A starter kit with menstrual cup, 3 liner pads and a waterproof pouch. 
The cup is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary products and is made of medical grade silicone.
The reusable pads are made from absorbent bamboo cloth, and are lined with waterproof but breathable PUL fabric. This means no leaks and no uncomfortable sweat! 

How does it work?
The cup sits in your vaginal canal and collects your period blood. This collecting action, unlike tampons which absorb the blood, makes them much safer to use for longer: you can keep a cup in for up to 12 hours. The rim of the cup has small holes in, which creates a seal against your vaginal muscles. This means no leaks. It’s easy to remove too, as the cup has a stem to grip, and it sits much lower in the vagina than tampons. When you need to refresh it, you simply take it out, wash it out with hand soap or a wipe, and put it back in. After every cycle you can boil them or soak them in sanitising fluid.
The reusable pads are really simple to use, just soak them in cold water and throw in your normal wash.

SMALL – For women under 25 or who have not given birth vaginally
LARGE – For women over 25 or who have given birth vaginally

Please note, fabric designs of the pads inside vary and are different to the pouches.