Marseille soap bar


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A Marseille soap bar is a natural all-purpose palm oil free no-frills cleaning soap.

Very versatile - wash laundry, dishes, use as an insecticide, stain remover, for general household cleaning as well as being an indispensable travel companion. 

This chunky 300g bar contains organic olive oil instead of palm oil and is extremely versatile. Multi-functional, it cuts down on using numerous cleaning products. 100% natural and toxin-free. It’s kind to skin, helps treat various skin conditions and infections and is suitable for sensitive skin. 

There is no packaging for this product saving on packaging waste. This bar can easily last for 6 months. Genuine Marseille Soap Bar and traditionally palm oil free.
Ingredients - 70% Organic Olive oil, 30% Coconut oil, Water, Sea salt.
Made in Marseille, France.