Hand rub refill - 1L


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Sesi Hand Rub Sanitiser refill.
Decant into an existing hand sanitiser bottle or clean spray bottle. It is a liquid, not a gel. Spray a small amount into palms and rub thoroughly. 

For local customers: Supplied in a returnable container. Can be returned to us via our bottle return bins outside the shop or with your next delivery. Multiple quantities will be supplied in one bottle unless specified when ordering. 

Sesi are a workers co-op based in Oxfordshire who take back their 20L containers to be washed out and refilled, meaning it's a truly zero waste system. 

Made for SESI by The Oxford Artisan Distillery to support Frog Life Charity.
WHO recommended formulation.

Ingredients: 80% ethanol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, water.