Laundry cream - 1L refill

Forest Hog

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Sadly this product is no longer available as we ordered and paid for 20L in September but it never arrived. Forest Hog are ignoring our calls and messages and haven't refunded us. Shame as it is a great product but we won't be working with Forest Hog again, obviously. 


Forest Hog Laundry Cream refill.
Orange scented. All natural ingredients.

For local customers: Supplied in a reusable bottle. Can be returned to us with your next delivery or left outside the shop.

A creamy mix of all the right natural ingredients to leave clothes smelling gorgeous. Perfect for use on the toughest, dirtiest laundry. Powerful, but gentle on all types of laundry. A little goes a long way.

Lightly soiled clothing – 2 tsps of cream per 7kg load. Lightly soiled linen and towels – 2 tsps laundry cream per 7kg load. General laundry – 1 tablespoon per 7kg load. Place the cream in the drawer or directly into the washing. Gently rub your dry washing to soften the fibres when it is dry. For stains, rub a little cream into the offending area, wait a few minutes for nature to take its course, then wash.

Happy with hot or cold water. Hypoallergenic – respects sensitive skins. No need for added brightners. Suitable for water temps 30-90℃.

Ingredients: (ph6.9-7) aqua, pure orange oil, plant cellulose, vegetable extract, coconut extract, 0.01% caustic. This is a soap so it will sting if you get it in your eyes. It is not toxic and can be rinsed away with cold water. Avoid eye contact.