Essential oil reed diffuser


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We've made these reed diffusers in-house with our own essential oil blends. Reed diffusers are a great low maintenance way to freshen the air in a room, and can just be left to do their thing 24-7 for around 2-3 months.
Choose either the Fresh, Cosy or Drift fragrance and the colour of the dish. The dishes are hand cast with Jesmonite which is an eco-friendly resin and come in a choice 3 pastel colours – pale green, pink or lilac.
Comes with 5 pink and 5 purple diffuser reeds.

Fresh – works well in the kitchen or bathroom.
Cosy – a warm orangey, woody scent.
Drift – with lavender which helps you to unwind and to sleep.

Instructions for use: Do not light the sticks! Place the sticks into the bottle to absorb the oil. Once absorbed, flip the sticks over and place the dry ends in the bottle. It will take a little time for the scent to diffuse into the room. To intensify the scent, place the diffuser in a warm area. Flip the reeds again when the scent starts to fade. In smaller spaces, if the scent is too strong, remove one or two of the reeds. Accidental spillage may cause damage to certain surfaces. Keep out of reach of children and away from open flames. The bottle is reusable or recyclable. If you need to dispose of the oil, please don’t tip it down the drain. Take it to your local household waste recycling centre.
100ml oil.