Totterdown Apothecary Botanical facial steam

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Totterdown Apothecary's Botanical Facial Steams are blends of whole flowers, leave and berries which act positively on the skin. They are simple to use and are hugely beneficial for both your skin and your mind.

It can be hard to find time for self-care, the beauty of a facial steam is that you have to do it unplugged! It's a gentle nudge towards making self-care and self-love a ritual. It's something we all deserve.

Each blend comes in a clear glass jar and they make beautiful gifts. Made in Bath (Kim lived in Totterdown when she started her business).

How to use: add a small pinch to a bowl of freshly boiled water. Place a towel over your head and bowl to keep the steam in. Get comfortable and enjoy for 5-15 minutes. Breathe deeply and relish the chance to unwind.

Heal - A woodsy and uplifting blend to ease skin ailments. Good for troublesome and sensitive skin.
Nourish - Like breathing in a country garden! Nourish is an all-round tonic for all skin types.