Hairy Jayne Clean greenie set

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  • £22.00

Hairy Jayne's Clean Greenie hair care set keeps hair clean in the most sustainable and eco way. Our popular Floral Shampoo Bar and a Dry Shampoo, both made with natural and vegan ingredients, in a reusable cotton wash bag.

Completely plastic free. The zero waste Shampoo Bar comes in a recyclable cardboard box (FSC Mix 70%) and the aerosol-free Dry Shampoo is in an aluminium can that can be refilled, over and over again in the shop (or ordered online).

Shampoo bar 50g, dry shampoo 90g.

Hairy Jayne products are all made on-site! Before setting up bloop, Jayne was a hairdresser for many, many years. She now makes hair care products in the kitchen at the back of the shop.