Forest Hog Floor cleaner – refill

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  • £4.00

Forest Hog Floor Cleaner, 1L refill.

For Bristol residents only please. Supplied in a container which can be returned to us via the wooden box outside the shop, or left out with your next delivery.

Triple concentrated, cleans all types of flooring including wooden floors.

Less is more, as with all their genuinely eco, no synthetics, no stabilisers products.

1tbsp per 5 litres warm water cleans floors beautifully and is kind to little and big paws.

2 tbsp per 5 litres hot water if the floors are very greasy and grimy or sticky.

Anti-bacterial, hard on nasty germs, kind on the good ones and no worries when its flushed down the waterways, it is not harmful to aquatic life.

Ingredients: Pure cold compressed orange oils, coconut oil, plant cellulose, water, 0.01% caustic