Forest Hog Dirt buster gel – refill

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  • £3.90

Forest Hog Dirt Buster gel, 300ml refill.

Supplied in a reusable, returnable glass jar. For local customers: Can be returned to us with your next delivery or left outside the shop.

This is Forest Hog's MEGA cleaner! This natural product cleans almost anything indoors and outdoors. Tents, gazebo’s, camper vans inside and out, caravans, boats, aeroplanes, bikes, barbecue's and more. Fabulous at making stains disappear. Possibly the best grease cutter in the forest. The camping/caravan companion, while you are out or when you are home.

Rub a little blob in with your finger 'till well absorbed, sponge clean with warm water.

Ingredients: aqua, pure orange oil, plant cellulose, vegetable extract, coconut extract & 0.01% caustic (ph6.9 -7).