Want to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products? Here’s how

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Written by Kath Hooper.

Are you looking for natural solutions to reduce your household plastic waste?

Why not try making your own cleaning products? I know it sounds like extra effort to your household chores. But trust me, it is so easy to do. 

You can achieve triple satisfaction in making something useful, saving money and avoiding chemicals in your home.

These cleaning components have been around for centuries, but at some point the chemical-laden, plastic packaged super brands took over.  By resurrecting these age-old remedies you can contribute to the future wellbeing of the planet.


Something as simple as changing the way you clean your home can change consumer behaviour and change the course of the climate emergency.

But where to begin with homemade cleaning products? All you need are a few simple ingredients to give these ideas a go. The contents of these recipes are natural, refillable and great for your home and the environment.

Why not give these DIY recipes a go?

They’re as easy as they are effective.

Washing Up Liquid

Add a bit of aromatherapy to your washing up. Take the stress out of the dishes.  Try this lavender-infused recipe. 

What you need:

The scent of lavender is naturally relaxing and soothing. The oil contains essential skincare properties and is kind and moisturising to your skin.

Castile soap is soft on sensitive skin and this refreshing combination will nourish your hands. You can look after your hands, and your home with this small change to your dishwashing.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

What you need:

This natural super-cleaner will target your kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, and those odd-jobs like the stairs. White vinegar works as a disinfectant while the bicarbonate of soda removes any unpleasant smells with its deodorising properties. 

You can use this homemade product to remove hard water stains (a constant battle in Bristol!), refresh your bins and clean your fridge. It’s a simple, versatile cleaner for your home.

Do make sure that you avoid using this acidic cleaner on granite surfaces. White vinegar will leave marks on the stone. Otherwise, this is good-to-go on your household surfaces.


Kitchen Cleaner

What you need:

Doesn’t it cheer you up when you walk into a kitchen that reflects the sunshine?

Shiny stainless steel is so satisfying. Try this kitchen cleaner for those shiny results in the most eco-friendly way.

This simple solution with bicarbonate of soda will add sparkle to your steel surfaces. This recipe makes a paste that you can apply with a damp cloth. Once you have rinsed it and given it a quick polish to dry, you will have bright, flawless surfaces.

Perfect for a happy sun-shiny kitchen.


Dishwasher liquid

Here’s a refreshing DIY recipe with a flash of lemon and a drop of tea-tree essential oil.

What you need: 

You just need two tablespoons of this dishwasher liquid for each of your loads. These refillable ingredients will save your pennies and save your kitchen from another plastic packaged item.

First combine the water and soap. Then add the other ingredients and stir to blend. 

This solution gets to work immediately and effectively. The tea tree essential oil brings a freshness to your dishes, while the white vinegar leaves them sparkling clean.  The lemon juice is a lovely light cleanser and powerful stain remover.

Give it a go for clean dishes with a clean conscience.


Mould Remover

What you need:

  • ¼ teaspoon Clove bud essential oil
  • 1 litre of water

As you can tell from the ratio of these ingredients, clove bud essential oil is powerful stuff. And it’s all natural. The most powerful thing about the shop-bought products is the chlorine odour that lingers in your home for hours.

Not so with this feisty little oil!

It will blast away mould in your bathroom. And unlike its chemical counterparts, this mould-remover won’t leave your home smelling like a swimming pool.

This is a spray and leave solution. Come back to the affected area a couple of hours later a simply wipe clean or give it a good scrub for more entrenched mould.


Window / Mirror Cleaner

Instantly brighten up smeary windows and mirrors with this DIY cleaner.

What you need:

The white vinegar polishes up your glass, while the orange fragrance leaves your home fresh.  It’s an elegant alternative to a shop-bought product.


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Why not give it a try today?