Facial Oils Edit: which natural skincare oil is right for you?

Posted by Jayne Rutland on

Ever used a face oil as part of your sustainable beauty routine? I love them. Just a couple of drops after washing your face takes away any tight feeling and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised, once it fully sinks in. We have three different styles of facial oil now at Bloop, so here’s my Facial Oil Edit to help you find the right one.

These are all silky, light oils but the sinking-right-in takes about 15 minutes so if you’re short of time in the morning, do it at night just before bed. 

Personally I prefer a face oil to a moisturiser now, but you can use both together. Oils feel less waxy than a moisturiser (which is good if you tend to get a bit sweaty/nose face in the summer like me!)

Here’s the facial oil lineup:

1. The award winning one:

Lucky Cloud Skincare have won multiple awards for their natural facial oils. They are the first ones I ever tried, a bit skeptically I must admit, and was blown away by how well they worked. There is a Balancing one which is better for skin prone to redness and a Nourishing one for dry skin.

2. The no-frills, multipurpose one:

We’ve just released Natural Beauty Oil at our sister company, Hairy Jayne, and it works as both a hair oil and face oil, cutting down on the number of products (and packaging) you need. It's blend of natural oils are known as nourishing oils in both hair care and skin care. It is fragrance free, which makes it suitable for skin sensitive to essential oils – and also makes it more ‘affordable’.

3. The really pretty one:

These two oils by Mei Botanic Studio have rare oils in the blend and actual flower buds inside, that you can see through the glass. So pretty. The Tsubaki Blue one smells like palo santo. So if you’re a fan of the incense sticks you’ll love this! The Nurture one is fragrance free so great for sensitive skin types.

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