Forest Hog Laundry Cream Review

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by Aaron Benn.

Bloop are always a great source of advice when it comes to trying new eco-friendly products, after all it can be a bit bewildering at first, testing things out that are unfamiliar, without the brand names that we all know. Forest Hog appealed to me immediately, with its eye-catching warthog mascot that screams ‘nature’.

I prefer do liquids to have a natural fragrance, so I like Forest Hog's Laundry Cream detergent, which has a subtle orange zing about it. The cream itself is thick and easy to use, you don’t need any additional powders or liquids in the machine. No need for fabric softener here.

For my first go around I decided to do my prized BAM bamboo knickers, as zesty pants and socks sounded like a nice idea. Risky, I know, but I like to go all in and hope for the best. I used a tablespoon for this wash, which was potentially too much for a general wash, but I plan to refine the process as I go.

After a quick wash on 30*C the clothes felt like they’d been gently caressed by angels carrying ripe California oranges from above. There was no residue left and my precious bamboo knickers felt like heaven.

If you eat your Owee Vegan kebab in your undies, like me, you'll be pleased to know that it even gets tough stains out with a little pre-treatment application!

The next test, bathroom towels. These can get quite discoloured and grubby after my daily regimen of scrubbing, peeling, plucking and cleansing so I was keen to see the results.

Following the guidance, I opted for a tablespoon of laundry cream and washed at 40*C for a heavy-duty load. The results were very good, even on my white towels. No streaks, no residue and a soft finish. It left them feeling fluffy, clean and bright.

One of the reasons I prefer a cream is because I feel it leaves a silkier, softer fabric post-wash, and Forest Hog doesn’t disappoint. The coconut extract in this product must have something to do with that.

The brand mission of Forest Hog fits nicely with my goal of finding sustainable, refillable and eco-friendly alternatives to established brands. No animal testing, vegan, good for delicate’s or a general wash, and a big plus too, is it works well with cold water.

I was pleased to discover that Forest Hog is a part of the World Forest Organisations tree planting scheme, supporting the reforesting of Kenya’s protected forests. They collect their empty refill station bottles too, so the plastic drums they supply the products in stays in a closed loop. This brand really lives its core values which adds so much to the consumer experience for me.