Earth Day

· 448 words · about 2 minutes

by Karl Sadler.

Today is Earth Day, an annual day started 50 years ago, that is designed to stop us in our daily busy lives to pause for a minute and reflect on how magnificent our Mother Earth is.

In strange times like the ones the world is suffering with at the moment, it’s transparent how we are all connected. Our lives are not as independent we may think we are, everybody and every earthling on this planet relies and leans on something else. This is a simple definition of an eco system.

We marvel at the beautiful simplicity and alien like underwater worlds Attenborough shares with us, but the worlds resources and economy are unbalanced. Nature has a way of maintaining its eco system, and we could argue that it’s taking more extreme measures to keep this balance happening. In the last month, the effects on the environment of our consumerism and how we live has become more visible, as factories close, and the skies become clearer. Even the simplicity of being able to hear the birds sing more loudly.

Nature will ultimately find a way to try to balance the worlds ecosystems, but as humans living on this earth, we have the ability to make decisions about lessening our impact on the natural world.

It is possible to alter the way things are done. Humans are creative and we are problem solvers.

Small behavioural changes on a mass population scale can change industry and economic driving forces. Remember that without us, there’s no need for ‘stuff’. We have the ability to choose how we live on this planet. If we take steps to look after Mother Earth, slow climate change, start planting trees rather than clearing out rainforests, start reusing the things we have, start sharing stuff more, celebrating reused and re-loved things – we can begin to alter the relationship we have with consumerism and consume stuff in a more sustainable and compassionate way.

I’ve worked in marketing in the past, and I understand the power of storytelling. We’re convinced every day that we need the latest ‘whatever’, to be smarter, prettier, more successful. This isn’t one of those stories. It’s just a simple plea to pause for a moment and be thankful for this planet, for your community, your neighbours, friends families, pets, bees and ants. I am grateful for all of these things, and I want to do what I can to help maintain a beautiful world and hopefully inspire others to be more eco friendly.

Buy used stuff, remix, repurpose, repair, refill. If you do need to buy new, check the impact it will have on our planet. Love your stuff :)